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Ok, so I decided to change my Bio. Here goes- First- I am so addicted to Newsvine. Its my own form of therapy. I can actually talk to some very intelligent people on here. Second- I love my kids. There is nothing more for me on this earth than them. My hubby comes close, tho!! Third- I am so tired of Americans thinking that they are entitled to a free lifestyle at the expense of... ME! I worked hard for many years, and have just recently taken time off to raise my kids like I want them to be raised. Good. Happy. Not wondering if it is worth it for mom to be gone all the time. I am a very strong person, and I cannot handle people who make excuses for not helping themselves. Look for a hand up, not a hand out. I was widowed when I was 21, and that really helped me know what I am capable of. I have a pretty good opinion of myself, but I don't think I am better than everyone. Just those who are worthless. I cannot stand to hear of people using thier kids as an excuse for anything other than why they work hard. I am a HUGE advocate for kids, and I wish more people would be. There are so many kids out there looking for someone to care, and they are everywhere. Just ask a kid that looks unhappy or scared why they are that way. They wont seek you out. So seek them out. I do. I see alot of kids who are too scared to go home, so they sit at stores and corners, looking sad. I ask a kid 2 times a day at minimum. Not all are really sad or scared, but I have made alot of calls for kids, let me just say that. If you suspect abuse, it almost ALWAYS is. Report it. Do something. That is the only way child abuse will stop.

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